What we hear in our lives, from the quietest breeze to the mightiest of symphonies, affects and moves us like nothing else. Musical sound is connection to the realities of our time, and testament to the lives of those before us. Whether you need a composer or arranger to create musical expressions, or an engraver or transcriber to make your sound a reality, I'm here to help you be heard.


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Composition and Arranging

Whether creating new original musical works or breathing new life into existing music through dynamic arrangements, I love the compositional process and have been truly fortunate to make music for live performance and video media. I would be happy to discuss your ideas for commissions and projects!

My mutually arranged rates for composition and arranging services are compensation for time and talent, based on length and complexity. Each rate is per second of finished music, multiplied by the number of "lines" involved in the compositions. A line is typically one instrument (violin, trumpet, guitar, etc.) Some instruments, however, count as multiple lines; piano and most other keyboards, harp, or a vocalist with lyrics and chords ("lead sheets") would be two lines, and organ counts as three. To discuss the specifics of your project, contact me.

Music Engraving and Transcription

I am also available as a digital music engraver, utilizing Dorico Pro software to create clean and professional scores of your music. Rates are calculated by the frame, which is a bar of musical content (notes, lyrics, chords) on one staff. So, a score for 16 bars of vocal solo, one line of lyrics, and 24 bars of chords and piano would total 80 frames.

If your situation would benefit from another arrangement or negotiated rates, don't hesitate to ask. 2

engraving of existing music per frame

1 to 99 frames · 0.60 USD (15.00 minimum)
over 100 frames: 0.50 USD

transcription from existing audio

$1.00 per frame