Good design does so much more than capture the eye. It captures you: your goals, your mission, your story, your spirit. Whether you need a compelling website, an appealing brochure, a standout promotional poster, or well-organized print layout, I’m ready and able to tell the story of you to everyone you want to reach.


Click or tap any of the sections below to see descriptions and pricing. Certain nonprofit and educational organizations, as well as students in accredited academic programs, are eligible for generous discounts on all services.

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Branding is the art of creating captivating and inspiring visual expressions of the mind, heart, and soul of your business or organization. I have created logos, web and social media art, business cards, letterhead and more for clients around the world.  I enjoy working closely with clients to discern what they want to communicate, and deliver strong, versatile, and unique results versatile enough to impact on screen or in print.

logo design 500 USD

Includes up to three concepts and up to ten hours labor for editing and perfecting your new logo. Final artwork delivered to you in Adobe Illustrator, EPS, SVG, and PNG formats.

business cards and letterhead 150 USD

Includes up to three concepts, up to three hours labor for editing and perfecting your new design, and final pieces for three persons (15 USD per each additional person). Final artwork delivered to you pre-formatted for your preferred printing service.

social media images 75 USD each

Properly formatted profile pics and cover images for social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

branding package 750 USD

A huge savings when I design the whole package, start to finish! Includes everything in the logo design and business cards package, letterhead, and three social media images.

Graphic Design

Whether you need original artwork, photo-based media, or illustrations like charts or graphs, I can provide quality media tailored to your market and message.

design services standard hourly rate 1

Concepts, revision, and final delivery in your required formats.


Your content deserves to be read, and that depends on organized, accessible, and appealing presentation. I'm available for projects from a simple 4-panel brochure to a full-length novel.

Layout Services standard hourly rate 1 2

Services include layout, typography, organization, proofreading, and export to PDF optimized for print and/or digital media, and/or EPUB. InCopy collaboration available.

Promotional Media

Some of my favorite projects have involved promotional materials for concerts, recitals, and other events. I can work with you to create an array of coordinated media for a single event or an entire season.

Rates below apply to projects where all required media (copy text, branding, artwork) is provided by client. Creation of materials is available at my standard hourly rate.1 2

Package It! save 20% when combining three or more of the following services.


flyers (up to 8.5x11) 50 USD

posters (up to 11x17) 75 USD

large-format posters (up to 24x36) 125 USD

banners Contact for pricing


mailers and postcards 100 USD

social media images 75 USD each

web banner ads 125 USD


program and playbills
100 USD
    design: see Layout for details.


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UX/UI/Web Design

User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design are the keys to building and maintaining successful relationships with your customers and clients in the digital world. Whether it's your website, an app for your business or organization, or an on-screen interface in-store, a careful and considerate approach to how your end-users access, interact, and communicate can make or break their experience and your reputation. I offer concepts, prototyping, and handoff services for apps and interfaces, and development for standard, informational websites.

web design standard hourly rate 1

I'll work with you to organize your content, create a design aesthetic and an interface best suited to your audience, and either hand-code your site (see "web development" below) or deliver an interactive prototype to your developer using Adobe XD. My advice for estimating your costs is to allow three hours’ labor per page, to account for consultation, design, revisions, and prototyping. 2

web development standard hourly rate 1

I can hand-code standard informational websites using HTML and CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver. At this time, I am not offering development services involving e-commerce or database integration.

interface design standard hourly rate 1

I am ready to design the front end of your next application for MacOS, iOS, or Android. We'll collaborate on UI design elements and I will deliver an interactive prototype to your developers in Adobe XD.

Standard hourly rate (50 USD) applies to all projects, and to labor and services beyond the time provided in packages.

Project estimates and contracts available by request. Contact me for details.

I reserve the right to refuse service based on content. I will not accept projects containing explicit or defamatory content. In the interest of neutrality, I do not accept work for political parties, candidates, or organizations.