I am a spiritual artist, inspired by faith and community to create musical and visual expressions of prayer and worship.

“Tony is a singularly gifted composer. His knowledge of the liturgy… make[s] him the ideal musical minister”

Zakk Hoyt, formerly of OCP Publications, Portland, OR

liturgical music

One of my life's most enduring passions is to foster the sung prayer of communities gathered in faith. Whether composing, arranging, or serving in leadership, I've been blessed and humbled by being a witness to the uplifting of hearts and voices in prayer.


My liturgical compositions and arrangements are published by Augsburg Fortress, OCP, Simply Liturgical Music, and World Library Publications.


liturgical art

I have also had the opportunity to create visual expressions of faith through liturgical artwork, producing pieces and collections for bulletins, publications, and decor.


I will once again offer prints and digital versions of my work when I re-open my online shop later this year.

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